Jocelyn Harnois

Board Candidate

Location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada


Time in Recovery: 8+ years




-LifeRing member for 3+ years

-Started the first meeting in my Canadian province in fall 2018. Quickly moved that meeting online due to COVID-19 and have also begun a second weekly online meeting since, due to the positive response received.

-Advocate for LifeRing (and choice in recovery in general) in my community. I worked hard over the last two years to negotiate with public health officials to allow LifeRing to have a presence - alongside AA, NA and SMART - as an option that is made available to treatment clients. I now visit the provincial treatment centre (publicly funded) to present to clients about LifeRing and let them know where to find meetings and other resources.

-I was asked to join LifeRing Canada's Board of Directors in spring of 2019 and have been serving since that time.

-Also publicly advocate in my community to help reduce stigma around addiction.

-In my paid work life, I work in the non-profit sector so I understand and appreciate the amount of work involved in being on a board and welcome the challenge and opportunity to help.


Personal Statement of Interest


On a personal level, I would love to become even more involved with LifeRing than I already am. I think there are many learning and growth opportunities for all of us involved if more international members join the board to help take on some of the hard work the U.S. members are already doing.


I am passionate about choice in recovery and firmly believe that the most important thing is for people to get well. It does not matter what approach (or approaches) someone uses as long as it is healthy for them and contributes to their personal recovery. I live in a very 12-step centric community and I am enthusiastic about making sure that people for whom 12-step doesn't fit know that there are alternatives. 

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