Jamie Itterman

Board Candidate


I’m Jamie from Vancouver (Area) in British Columbia Canada. I’ve been a LifeRing participant for 5 ½ years but living in health and happiness alcohol free for 4 ½ years.

I drank alcohol from a young age as a way of dealing with bullying and abuse. It worked well until it didn’t work well. The progressive nature of substance use caught up to me after about 30 years before I decided to make a serious attempt to free myself.

I tried the only program around at the time several times but it did not meet my core values. I interpreted the program to be faith based, negative and too forcefully instructed so I was unsuccessful.

During one of my stays at a treatment centre I discovered that LifeRing was just across the street. My first visit was friendly, accepting, felt safe and mentioned “building your own recovery plan”. I knew LifeRing was a perfect fit for me. LifeRing allowed “me” to be the instruction manual to strengthen my values and empower the sober self inside me.

I currently occupy a BOD position for LifeRing Canada as its Financial Officer, Canadian Regional Rep., Stores manager and maintain my sobriety by convening 4 groups each week.

I am seeking a position as a BOD member for LifeRing Inc. simply because of my passion for LifeRing. As we continue to expand my interests are growth, not only in North America but Internationally, enticing more Conveners, better communication with smaller areas or isolated groups, meeting status and LifeRing being more accepted as a valuable asset in the recovery community.

Sobriety: 4 ½ Years

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