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The Convenor's Home Base:

LifeRing Service Center
Toll-Free 1 800 811 4142

We encourage you to sign up for the LifeRing Convenor's email group.

  • LifeRing-Convenors is an online community for current LifeRing convenors -- meeting starters, meeting facilitators, organizational support people -- and those who have been or are considering becoming LifeRing convenors. This forum is private (unlisted) and only members of the group can post messages here.

  • This forum was created to share best practices, talk about meeting issues, and raise general topics regarding convening. As convenors are a crucial part of the leadership of the LifeRing organization, general questions, observations, and constructive criticisms are also welcomed and encouraged. Please refer to the LifeRing BOD and Convenor E-mail Groups Terms of Use (TOU) for additional information. 

  • LifeRing Convenor Email Group. To subscribe is a two-step process,

Books and Pamphlets

For new convenors, here is the information about a "Starter Kit".

It is suggested that the following books be available for purchase at all LifeRing Meetings. 

  • Empowering Your Sober Self 

  • Recovery by Choice

  • How Was Your Week

  • Humanly Possible

  • Free shipping in the US.

To help facilitate the distribution of books in the LifeRing meeting, LifeRing convenors will get a $5 discount off of retail pricing on each of these books. You will need to be listed as a convenor with the LifeRing Service Center for this offer to apply.

​The other items that can be purchased are:

  • Pamphlets - they can be viewed and downloaded here.   Each pamphlet can also be purchased at $10.00 a pack for a count of 50 ea.

  • A LifeRing rubber stamp for stamping attendance slips. $25.00 ea.

  • Free shipping in the US.

Convenors: email to place an order. Along with this order, please include an email address, shipping address, contact name, and phone number.  An invoice will be generated and sent to your email address along with a payment link. Once paid for, your order will be processed and shipped the next business day.

Note: If you do not want to prepay your invoice because of financial hardship, you wish to pay overtime, or you want to get books on consignment to be paid for only when they are sold at your meeting, please include one of these alternate payment methods in your email order. The payment method will be reflected on your invoice.

Meeting Money

When possible, Meeting Money should be collected at your meetings and, after paying for meeting expenses, be sent into LifeRing on a periodic, but regular, basis. See the payment link.

As with any nonprofit organization, money is extremely important to keep LifeRing operations going and to ensure that convenors and members have the support they need. LifeRing derives its income from the following sources:

  • Donations

  • Book Sales

  • Meeting Money


The Convenor is key to providing the third leg of the stool. It is up to you, the Convenor, to "pass the hat" and ask your fellow members in recovery to put in a dollar or two after every meeting. Just remind them of all the money they're saving by not drinking or using and it will become apparent to all, that what money is being given is being put to a much wiser use.


Keep track of the money, or better yet, appoint someone in your group to provide this function. After all meeting expenses are paid for, please send in any additional money on a periodic, but regular, basis. More information about meeting money is in How Was Your Week?, Chapter 6.

This Meeting Money provides some of the much-needed funds to help LifeRing expand meetings and offer more services to the recovery community.

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