Annual Election 2019

General Information About the LifeRing Congress (Elections)

Every year, LifeRing holds an Annual LifeRing Meeting. This year’s gathering is scheduled for June 1-2, 2019 in Silicon Valley, California. The purpose of this event is to provide a meeting place for the Board, LifeRing members, and the general LifeRing public to get together and talk about what is on their mind. We generally have a speaker or two, workshops, and informal gatherings where LifeRing members can get together and talk about all things LifeRing.

On the Sunday afternoon of the Annual Meeting, June 3rd, 2019, Congress will meet and select candidates for the LifeRing Board of Directors and decides on proposed changes to the LifeRing Bylaws. Congress will then prepare an absentee ballot for voting by the LifeRing delegates.


Board Candidates

Every year three individuals from the LifeRing community are voted in to be on the LifeRing Board. If you or someone you know is interested in running, we welcome you. We especially encourage women, minority, LGBT, anyone from the online meetings, and members of our international community to apply. We are a working board whose members engage with the public and take an active role in promoting the LifeRing organization and its mission in the recovery population.  Potential LifeRing directors must meet the following Eligibility Determination.  We hope you will consider running!

Current Board Nominees:

Leigh Justison
Fergus Cantwell
Scott Judkins
Rick Thompson



Now’s your chance to change the bylaws governing LifeRing. Read something you don’t like or don’t understand. Want to add more people to the board – or less. Maybe change how the money is spent. Read the current Bylaws and propose a bylaw change. Check out the Proposed Bylaws and see what if anything has been proposed.


LifeRing Meeting Delegates

Each meeting, including each online group, is entitled to one delegate, who will cast the group's vote in the general election. An absentee ballot will be emailed to the delegate, and the completed ballot is returned via email. Once the voting deadline passes, the votes are totaled, certified, and the results are announced on the website. Please see Election Guidelines for more information.


The election is a 'representative democracy' so each delegate is elected by the meeting members. The only requirement for being a delegate is to have six months of sobriety. If you have the slightest interest in being a delegate, please let your meeting group know. Or if you want to suggest someone from your group, let your convenor know. See Eligibility Determination of Meeting Delegates for more information.


LifeRing Delegates at Large

5.6. Current members of the Board of Directors, officers, and current Regional Representatives shall be delegates to the Congress. Please look here for more information.




Registrar of Voters

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