General Information about the LifeRing Congress

Every year, LifeRing convenes a general meeting where people can come together to talk about the operations of LifeRing and to discuss new and exciting ways LifeRing can improve its performance. This gathering of LifeRing members is called Congress. On a Sunday morning, the date decided by the Board of Directors, delegates will have the opportunity to come together, online and in-person, to create an absentee ballot. This absentee ballot will include nominees to the LifeRing Board of Directors and proposed Bylaw changes. Once Congress has ratified the ballot, it will be sent out via email to all delegates for a vote.


LifeRing Bylaw references:


Elections [Added 2013.]

9.1 The following matters considered by an Annual Congress shall require that a vote occur remotely following that Annual Congress (such vote, an “Absentee Election”):

    9.1.1 Proposed Bylaws amendments ratified by the Annual Congress.

    9.1.2 Elections for positions on the Board.

    9.1.3 Proposed directives ratified by the Annual Congress.

       -For purposes of this Section 9.1, “ratification” of a proposal by an Annual Congress shall mean a simple majority vote in favor of that proposal by the Annual Congress.


9.2 The matters set forth in Section 9.1 shall be placed on a ballot (an “Absentee Ballot”).


9.3 The Absentee Ballot shall be publicly posted by LifeRing within ten days of the close of each Annual Congress, and the Absentee Election voting shall commence immediately and continue for fifteen days past the date of public posting. [Amended 2015]


9.4 Each registered delegate may cast one vote per matter listed on the Absentee Ballot in the Absentee Election, without regard to the number of unique qualifications held by that delegate.

9.5 Absentee Elections shall proceed according to ranked-choice voting.

    9.5.1 The Board may authorize the method of ranked-choice voting.

    9.5.2 The Board may authorize election by plurality.


9.6 If a vacant Board seat was temporarily filled by the other Board members pursuant to Section 10.12, then such seat shall be filled by the nominee who was elected but received the lowest ranking votes in the Absentee Election under Section 9.5.


9.7 Any proposed Bylaws amendment placed on the Absentee Ballot pursuant to Section 9.1 must receive a two-thirds supermajority vote in favor of such proposal in the Absentee Election in order to be adopted.


9.8 The Absentee Ballot shall be prepared for approval by the Board, including all measures ratified by Congress, prior to being made available to delegates.


9.9 The Board shall appoint a person to verify the validity of each vote cast in the Absentee Election and certify the results.


9.10 LifeRing shall cause (i) the validity of each vote cast in the Absentee Election to be verified and (ii) the votes to be tallied and the results to be certified, and LifeRing shall publicly post the results of an Absentee Election within ten days of the close of voting.

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