“Alcoholics Anonymous Struggles to Stay Relevant as Secular Programs Gain Momentum”

A recent issue of the Colorado online newspaper Boulder Weekly carried an article about LifeRing that made our hearts beat a little faster: “Alcoholics Anonymous struggles to stay relevant as secular programs gain momentum.” See the article by clicking HERE.

The piece featured the founder of LifeRing in the Denver/Boulder area, Kathleen Gargan, who has served LifeRing as the starter and convenor of many meetings, a former Executive Director and Board member of the organization, and still a key guiding force for the group. It spoke of the declining (but still huge) membership in AA and the rapid growth of secular recovery groups. The article focused primarily on LifeRing. We can only hope that similar articles will appear regularly around the country and the world as time goes on.

Kathleen points out a couple of small errors in the article: she has been sober since 1981, not 1991; Tom Jarrell is misnamed Tom Gerald, and Secular Organizations for for Sobriety (S.O.S.) doesn’t have a presence in Colorado, contrary to what the article states. But minor errors shouldn’t detract from the highly positive nature of the piece.


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