Hawaii Women Rate LifeRing Experience

earlier post, here), the participants were asked to fill out a short questionnaire about the experience.  Here are the results, forwarded thanks to Lorraine Robinson, director of the Ka Hale Ho‘ala Hou No Na Wahine program (Home of Reawakening for Women).   As explained earlier, Ka Hale (“T H Mahoney’s”) is a residential program for women who have served time in state prison and are re-entering the community.

Thank you very much for your participation in Friday, July 16th’s LifeRing meeting at Ka Hale Ho`āla Hou No Nā Wāhine, the first LifeRing meeting ever to take place in Hawaii! We are interested in your feedback. Please take the time to complete the survey questions below. When you have completed your survey, please hand it in to security by no later than July 22 at 1800 hours and you will receive 30 minutes of community service credit. Mahalo for your input.1) Did the meeting have value for you?Not at allSomewhatExtremely06122) Was the “How was your week?” format helpful?Not at allSomewhatExtremely06123) Would you choose to attend LifeRing if you could receive support group credit?YesNo1624) Would you recommend LifeRing meetings to others in recovery?  Please explain why: Meaningful, different approach; helpful; new concept; comfortable; A+ meeting; free spirited conversations; not reading from a book; felt good; good format and relaxed atmosphere.YesNo1805) What did you like best about the LifeRing meeting?Different, connecting situations and people, interesting; closeness; went straight to sharing – skipped readings; “how was your week”; no reading; good speaker; identifying each others trials, strengths and giving feedback; involved everyone.6) Any additional comments?

Even though we all live in the same building, we don’t talk to each other on a regular basis – nice to hear about everyone’s week; have some snacks and water at future meetings; knowing we are not alone with our daily choices, thoughts and emotions; start life ring in Hawaii; thankful for the opportunity to expand “options”.


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