Help us Update “How Was Your Week”

As we wrote elsewhere on this website, “How Was Your Week? is a handbook for the core members of the LifeRing network: the people who start and lead LifeRing meetings, or perform other services that keep the organization humming.  To ‘convene’ means to bring people together.   Bringing people together in recovery the LifeRing way is what LifeRing meeting facilitators do, which is why they are known in the organization as ‘convenors.’”

The text of How Was Your Week (a.k.a.: HWYW) has been posted on the internet at . Using MediaWiki software, anyone can log on and make suggested changes to the book. As Marty writes: “the basic idea is that everyone in the convenor community who is interested in participating in this effort will have the opportunity to view the entire text as a work in progress, and to propose editorial changes, and to add comments and respond to the comments of others.”


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