Ireland Update

St. Patrick’s meeting has exploded. We now officially have two rooms assigned to LifeRing. We are turning out 30-40 people per evening. Need to get some of their people as convenors. James the main convenor is just brilliant. He has a way of conducting a meeting that grabs people.

Tuesday at the Central Mission just maxed out with 21 in attendance this week. We will have another room available for overflow if this continues. We are using a month or bi-month rotation system for convenors there. It is more or less a training ground for convenors. Maggie is developing the convenor crew at this meeting.

Wednesday at Stanhope is problematic. The time is odd at 2:30 pm. We will have a convenor problem in the fall when Deb goes back to college. She is splitting time with me at the moment. This meeting is only getting about 6 people. (I know we are really complaining because of the size of the other groups). There is a possibility that this meeting will be moved to the Mission during the evenings at 7:30 or 8 pm. It would be more available to people.

The new meeting at St. John of God hospital should be up and running on Monday, 12th July. The staff are already sending people out at night to attend the Mission meeting. They are really excited about offering LifeRing as an alternative to the 12-step groups. Everyone in the administration is pushing for this. I will be doing a presentation to the clients on 7th July using the 17 slide presentation I developed for delivery at a college in Pittsburgh (USA) last fall.

On June 30th, I will have a table at a neighborhood health fair. We were invited by a woman who is now familiar with LifeRing as she is a therapist. I am attending an AWARE facilitator training session this weekend as an observer. This group is a self-help group dealing with depression in Ireland. They have asked for a literature table to be set up by LifeRing.

There has been some interest from a St. Patrick’s satellite clinic in Cork for a meeting there. The therapist and I have been playing telephone tag. Not sure how to do a meeting there as we cannot run it out of Dublin. Sober time for a convenor may be an issue there.


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