LifeRing Arrives in Belfast

Phillip H. reports from Belfast:

Dennis S from Dublin kindly came to Belfast and did an excellent introductory presentation followed by a question and answer session. We had 20 attendees and they were an appreciative audience.  We concluded the proceeding with the ubiquitous informal tea, coffee, and cookie session.

Tonight, 14th September,  we had our first regular meeting. 19 people attended. It was an excellent meeting. Gabhn has agreed to be convener and we will split the meeting. It was good to see people who are prepared to use Lifering alongside the 12 Step approach. Yet again, tea, coffee etc afterwards. One unfortunate drawback is the lack of available coffee shops in the immediate area .  To address this problem we will be having informal  gatherings in Starbucks, Lisburn Road,(opposite the City Hospital) every other Sunday afternoon from 1.30 pm onwards. This starts Sunday, 19th September.

Thanks go to the start up team, Anne, Arthur, Barbara, Dennis, Gabhn, Gerry, Maggie, Seamus, and Warren.


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