LifeRing Canada Moving Forward

Martin Nicolaus, a founder of LifeRing and its leader from the beginning until this past summer, will be visiting Victoria from Oct. 4th – 7th for a series of events, including a lecture at the University of Victoria, and meetings with a number of addiction professionals, politicians and others.

LifeRing Canada, the officially chartered LifeRing organization overseeing the group’s efforts in Canada, is sponsoring the visit and has worked tirelessly to prepare for it.

Michael Walsh, Executive Director of LifeRing Canada, has been very successful in marketing LifeRing on Vancouver Island, where Victoria — the capital of the province of British Columbia — is located. Here is a Public Service Announcement that has been running on television there. It was prepared by the television station with no cost to LifeRing and will run at least 80 times in the Victoria area.


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