LifeRing comes to Paris!

Kathleen Gargan, former LifeRing Executive Director and current board member, is on an extended visit to Paris, France, and will be hosting a weekly information table/informal LifeRing meeting in a Starbucks in that city starting Sunday, Nov. 25, at 10:30 a.m. and continuing through the end of December. She writes:

“I’m ready set up a temporary meeting in paris – I’ve found a Starbucks that has several little privacy corners, and have visited it at the time I would like to hold  the meeting. (10:30 am Sunday) it’s fairly empty at this time. I plan to sit there for an hour on Sunday mornings with a placard that says both LifeRing and Cercle de vie.”

Here are the details, in English and in French:

Starbucks Coffee 62 rue St Andre des Arts 6th arrondissement Metro St Michel line 4

10:30 am Sundays 2nd floor – look for the the LifeRing/Cercle de Vie sign on the table.

In French:

Starbucks Coffee 62 rue St Andre des Arts 6 eme arrondissement Metro St. Michel, ligne 4

10:30h les dimanches Premiere etage; cherchez l’affliche qui dit “LifeRing/Cercle de Vie”

Kathleen is bi-lingual, so all are invited! For more information, email to


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