LifeRing Exhibits at Tucson Conference

Two long-time LifeRing volunteers carried our message to the Southwestern School for Behavioral Health Studies Conference in Tucson, AZ. The event ran from Aug. 20-23. Tim Reith (pictured), a LifeRing board member and meeting convenor in Tucson headed the effort, helped by former LifeRing board member Chet Gardner. Tim reports:

I think things went pretty well.  … There seemed to be some interest in secular alternatives.  Many people stopped by and commented that so many clients/patients are requesting CHOICE.  Many people at least took brochures and some other free hand-outs that we had.

I had a very interesting discussion with a Native American who started out in AA and now has a group of his own that is sort of like AA but not quite.  He talked about the two wolves that reside in each of us:  The white wolf and the black wolf. Now does that sound familiar?  🙂  I wound up donating two books to him for his tribal group in the San Diego area.  I have his email and website and I plan to keep in touch with him.  We must have talked for nearly an hour.  I think the Native American population is a promising one for LifeRing.  They have a “spiritual” concept, but it is more like the spirit that resides in each of them.  I think we could work with that.

State Senator Linda J. Lopez stopped by and was quite enthusiastic.  She suggested that we contact the Marana Correctional Facility (NW of Tucson) and that there could be some interest there. I will follow up with her by email.

I also spoke at some length to a representative from Palo Verde Hospital. … Palo Verde was one of many facilities that we sent material to, but alas, with no response.  I mentioned that but she said it probably went to the wrong person. Anyway, she was interested enough to extend me an invitation to come by and pitch LifeRing to their staff.  I have the contact person and will follow up.


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