Message to LifeRing Canada members

We are gauging interest and presently thinking about initiating a weekly telephone and/or Skype meeting for people that do not have access to face-to-face meetings in Canada.

The telephone meetings are working well in the USA. Basically, a Convenor sets up the conference-call, then everyone dials in to a certain toll-free number, enters a code for the meeting and away you go. The participant has to pay the long distance charge, but that is pretty cheap these days.

A Skype meeting would be a first for LifeRing anywhere and I would love to initiate it. It is super fun doing Skype and you will feel like you’re in a face-to-face meeting. Help us make history!

If you are interested in participating in the telephone meeting, please e-mail If you are interested in participating in the Skype meeting then e-mail If you are interested in both, then send e-mails to both Michael and Adam. If you are interested in Convening or starting one of these groups and have at least six months sobriety, then you may contact either of us.

Marty Nicolaus, the founder of LifeRing in the USA is coming to Victoria on September 27, 2010 for four days and there are many events being planned around his stay including Movie Monday, lecture at UVIC, book signing at Chapters, meeting with Dr. Keith Martin Liberal MP and Kelly Reid the new chief of Mental Health and Addiction Services for VIHA. Marty will also visit one or two LifeRing meetings while here. There are other things planned, but not firmed up yet.

Local TV station ‘A’ Vancouver Island will begin producing a Public Service Announcement on LifeRing this September to be aired for one month during October, just before our big fundraiser called Dry Wit which will take place in November during National Addiction Awareness Week.

Keep an eye out for the new LifeRing Canada website which should (not guaranteed) be done before the end of the summer. There is a complete revamp happening right now and we will be adding a number of neat features including Podcast LifeRing meetings from Victoria.

Hope you are all doing well and that you will continue to make good use of this Ning site.


Michael Walsh Executive Director LifeRing Canada Victoria, BC

Visit LifeRing Canada at:


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