New Meeting in St Cloud starts Wed.

St. Cloud Regional Medical Center in St. Cloud, FL, starts this Wednesday, July 7.  Founding convenor Dale K. writes:

“Here we go! The new meeting starts Wednesday evening, and I am suffering from the jitters.  I have prepared as best as I know how; read the text, got the kit, went to a Tampa meeting, printed the appropriate forms and flyers, advertised the meeting, made lots of personal contacts, and generally went nuts. Now, I have a lot of personal (not monetary) investment in this, and want it to succeed badly. I guess that I am feeling what everyone has gone through that has organized a new meeting. I am prepared (sort of) to meet with myself, but I sure would like to see the room full of addicts seeking recovery. Wish me luck!”

The meeting starts at 7:30 pm in the Board Room of the medical center (see map).   Good luck, Dale!  — Marty N.


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