New Online Workbook Discussion Group Starts on Sundays

A second “voice-chat” meeting to study the Recovery by Choice workbook will be held each Sunday, beginning Sept. 2, at 4 p.m. Pacific time. The other meeting is held on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. Pacific time.

The meetings, convened by Chris B., are aimed at helping people work their way through pages of the workbook, which focus on the many changes that sobriety brings and others that are needed to continue it. The workbook is not approached in a particular order; rather each meeting looks at one small section that deals with a particular topic. The Sunday meeting, for example, will deal with Chapter 4, entitled “My Exposures.”

LifeRing’s voice-chat room allows commenting either by text or by voice. Learning to use the voice feature can be tricky, so newcomers are urged to arrive 10 or 15 minutes early. Here is a link to instructions for using the voice-chat feature:

There is a simple registration required to use the LifeRing Chat room, which is to be found here:

The voice feature requires a microphone (built in to newer computers, but an add-on to older ones), and either earphones or speakers (speakers are almost always provided with computers). And you do need a very recent version of Flash Player software, which can be downloaded, for free, from here:

Recovery by Choice is available for purchase from LifeRing. Find it at:

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