Survey Results Highlight the Cost of Addiction and the Benefits of Recovery

“The results from the first nationwide survey of persons in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs released today by Faces & Voices of Recovery documents the heavy costs of addiction to the individual and the nation and for the first time, measures and quantifies the effects of recovery over time.” That’s the opening of an article about the results of a survey of people in recovery sponsored by “Faces and Voices of Recovery,” a national organization attempting to “mobilize the recovery community to advocate for recovery and help more Americans overcome addiction to alcohol and other drugs.”

The study’s finding include results such as: — 50% of respondents in recovery had lost jobs or been suspended at some point in their drinking/using career; — 50% had been arrested at least once with a third having been incarcerated; — The total nationwide societal cost comes to an estimated $300+ billion. For those in recovery, the results are strikingly different: — a 90% decrease in involvement with the criminal justice system; — a 50% increase in the persons involvement in family activities; and — participation in volunteer activities more than doubled, while voting in public elections increased by almost 50%.

The study, of over 3000 persons involved in recovery, was of a relatively small cross-section of the estimated 23,000,000 Americans in recovery. But such studies are rare and the findings of this one are important. Read more and get a link to the complete study by clicking HERE.


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