The Economic Cost of “Excessive” Drinking

report from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine offers some astonishing figure about the cost of “excessive” alcohol consumption in the United States. The report, compiled in 2009/10, looks at 2006 figures and estimates the total cost to the U.S. economy in that year at $223.5 billion. On a per capita basis, that comes to “approximately $746 per person, most of which is attributable to binge drinking.” On a per drink basis, it comes to $1.90 for each alcoholic drink consumed.

Of course, the economic costs of drinking is only one aspect of the problem. As the report states: “Excessive alcohol consumption causes premature death (average of 79,000 deaths annually); increased disease and injury; property damage from fire and motor vehicle crashes; alcohol-related crime; and lost productivity.” Add to that the human misery that addiction brings.

The whole report is worth looking at — see it HERE


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