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All of the LifeRing Email groups are private, meaning that joining requires an approval by the group convenor (largely a formality), and the members' names and messages are not accessible through the public Internet, or search engines. Joining an Eail group can seem a bit daunting, but it's very easy. To ensure privacy, membership has to be approved by the group Convenor. That's accomplished just by either clicking on the group name, which takes you to the group website where you can click the "Join this Group" button or writing an e-mail to the group's convenor asking to be signed up. It's almost automatic if you're an actual human and not a spammer. For a more detailed look at how email groups work, see Email Support Groups: a Guide.

Before you sign up, please review the Terms of Use. These terms apply to all the LifeRing email groups.


Sobriety Support Groups

LSRsafe: An email list for those seeking Support, Affirmation, Friendship, and Encouragement (S.A.F.E.). It’s a strong, secure place where we seek to nurture the ‘sober self’ that exists inside us all. This list is lightly moderated in an attempt to discourage disruptive or abusive postings, and personal attacks on members are not tolerated.

LSRmail: The original LifeRing e-mail group. In its third decade of providing online sober support. The membership includes both those new to sobriety and folks with many years clean and sober. Originally created to bring together those without access to face-to-face groups, it has grown to include many who use it as an adjunct to their in-person meetings. Support is freely given and received from members around the world at almost any hour of the day or night. Overseen by founder and continuing listmeister Tom Shelley, LSRmail offers a friendly, comfortable, unmoderated atmosphere. All list communication is confidential to members only. To subscribe is a two-step process, 

LifeRing Sober Living: Have you been sober for a year or more? Are you comfortable with sobriety as a way of life, but still desiring interaction with a sobriety support group? Sober Living was formed for sober people who no longer struggle with cravings or the day-to-day effort of staying sober. If you want to know “what now?” maybe this group is for you.


LifeRing Secular Dual Recovery: Sometimes those seeking sobriety also suffer from emotional and mental challenges that can make recovery more difficult. LifeRing SDR is a safe place to discuss those highly personal issues among people who may not share the particular problem, but who understand what it’s like to deal with life-limiting issues in addition to addiction. Whether the difficulty is depression, or anxiety, or some other emotional/psychological challenge, the members of this group will listen and respond with positive and supportive messages.

International Email Support Groups

LSR-UK: An email list for anyone in and around the UK who is interested in secular sobriety. To subscribe is a two-step process,

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