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LifeRing Secular Recovery is an organization of people who share practical experiences and sobriety support. There are as many ways to live free of drugs and alcohol as there are stories of successful sober people.

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Online Support

We cordially invite you to consider participating in one or more of LifeRing’s online support communities. These communities offer you an extraordinary opportunity to connect and converse with LifeRing members around the world, wherever you are, whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection. LifeRing’s Online Support consists of the following:

  • Email Groups are private email lists maintained by the LifeRing Service Center.

  • E-Pals New to sobriety or LifeRing?  Not sure about joining a group? There are
    LifeRing members who can lend a private ear and answer questions via email. If
    the chats and forum are a bit too intimidating right now, this might be a way of
    getting the information you need. Click here for the contact form.

  • Delphi LifeRing Forum is an online "bulletin board" system where you can read and
    post information about recovery.

  • Online Meetings are regularly scheduled virtual LifeRing meetings, structured in much the same way as LifeRing’s face-to-face meetings. They are hosted by experienced meeting convenors.

  • Chat Room is a 24/7 chat conversation about LifeRing and recovery. Sometimes there is a host in the room and sometimes not.

  • YouTube Videos. We have some videos on how to Start a Meeting and about the LifeRing philosophy.


These digital communities are as varied as the individuals who participate in them. Wherever you happen to be on your own recovery journey, you’re sure to find present and future-focused tools, insights, and support that reinforce a sober, secular, and self-directed recovery plan.


Online Meeting Schedule

Select a meeting title and click the link to access the meeting.

Note: All times listed are in Pacific Time.

For any questions, please email;

For help with online meetings, click on the following: Chat Guidelines, Chat Help, Attendance Verification.


Meeting Definitions

  • HWYW: How Was Your Week?

  • TOPIC: Chosen by Convenor

  • VARIES: HWYW or Topic, varies from Week to Week

  • Dual Recovery: A support meeting for people with dual diagnosis


Chat Meeting Format

Meetings are text-based interaction, held in the LifeRing Main Chat Room where a screen and keyboard is used to read and write text. Some meetings will be voice or video meetings. The type of meeting (text, voice, or video) is indicated on the meeting calendar schedule. You’ll need a microphone and speakers/earphones to participate in these meetings.


Accessing Online Meetings from a Computer or Mobile Device

To enter an online meeting, open up the meeting calendar page and click on the meeting that you want to go to. A pop-up window will appear with the meeting link enclosed.


If you are new or Adobe has updated their meeting software, you may be asked to download “Adobe Connect Add-in”. Do so and the meeting will open up in a new window.


​As a general rule, come a little bit early to your first chat meeting and make sure your internet connection is alive and well. For a voice meeting, make sure your microphone is connected and turned on. For video, make sure both your microphone and camera are connected and turned on.

Test, test, and test, especially if you’ve never used the equipment before or you’re using a new or untried internet connection.

Please be aware that the video is going to make the most demands on your internet connection. It’s best to have a wired connection (ethernet) or a high-speed wireless feed for best user experience.


**You also have access to a 24-hour Chat Room by clicking on the purple link at the top and the bottom of the meeting calendar. Once you click on a meeting link, the chat room registration screen will appear. Click the “Enter as a Guest” selection and type in a chat name. Adobe Connect will open up a new window where your meeting will take place.


Desktop Computers and Laptops

Google Chrome is currently the recommended browser for the best user experience. Sometimes, especially when you are using a new or different computer than normal, Adobe Connect might require an add-in called “Adobe Connect Add-in”. This should automatically be made available to install. Please install it if asked. It’s a quick install over most internet connections. If you are having issues, please click on this link to test your connection.


Tablets and Smartphones

Please go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and install the “Adobe Connect” app. Open the app and enter in the meeting’s URL (you can copy and paste the meeting link from the meeting calendar) in the box provided and you will then be able to access your meeting in the screen that pops up. This will allow you to enter and interact with text-based meetings. Voice and video meetings are not supported by us at this time. You can try it and it might work without any issues. Adobe is constantly improving their software and the latest updated editions will more than likely provide a superior user experience.


For any questions, please email;