Recovery by Choice is a how-to book for achieving lifelong freedom from alcohol and other drugs. Using this book, you can construct an effective abstinence-based recovery program tailored to your individual reality. You will learn to act with confidence as your own therapist. You will empower your sober self. Now in its fourth edition, Recovery by Choice works by working the 'choice muscles' in your brain. You will master a simple but powerful tool for making the right choice in every life situation. You will make many hundreds of concrete decisions related to your personal recovery, and in the process you will gain in independence and self-efficacy.


Recovery by Choice guides you through the nine key domains where people getting free of alcohol and other drugs may want to make changes: (1) My Body (2) My Exposure (3) My Acitivities (4) My People (5) My Feelings (6) My Life Style (7) My History (8) My Culture (9) My Treatment. Thousands of people have used Recovery by Choice to close the drinking/drugging chapter of their lives. They have made new choices that give them a healthier body, cleaner environment, engaging activities, fulfilling relationship, intelligent emotions, satisfying life style, authentic identity, positive cultural role, and the power to get help and take care of themselves in any situation. Recovery by Choice is a workbook, with the accent on work. If you roll up your sleeves and get into it, you can change your life forever.

Recovery by Choice

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